Igor Janković – founder / INSTRUCTOR


Results achieved on competitions:

  • Twice European champion in IPSC (International practical shooting confederation) in the discipline shotgun individually and in team competition.
  • Twice the world champion in ISPC (International practical shooting confederation) in the discipline shotgun individually and in team competition.
  • He has won several hundreds of gold medals in international championships in disciplines fighting shotgun, pistol, carabine, sniper gun, 2 gun, 3 gun competitions, multiple champion of Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Check Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia.
  • He is the first in the world rank list of IPSC shooters in the last ten years in two out of four disciplines. (Standard and modified)
  • He is the current European and world champion.
  • He is competing for the “National police team” of Serbia, he is the member of the team which has the most awards in KPS “Žandarmerija”.

Goran Jankovic Born 13.Feb.1971.
-He started his career in the police since 1991.
-Member of the SAJ from 1992. to 1998.
-Member of the PJP from1998. to 2001.
-Member of the Gendarmerie from 2001. to 2018.
-IPSC started to deal with 2002.
Competitions and results:
-European Championship in Italy 2003. pump-action shotgun
-European Championship in Greece 2006. semi-automatic shotgun
-European Championship in Czech Republic 2009. semi-automatic shotgun (2nd place) (1st Place “shoot off”)
-The world Championship in Hungary 2012. semi-automatic shotgun (3rd place) (1st Place of Team)
-The World Cup in Italy 2015. semi-automatic shotgun (1st Place of Team)
-The World Cup in France 2018. semi-automatic shotgun (2nd place team)
-First-ranked team as individually in numerous competitions of level 3 held in: Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, England, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland…
-The results were achieved by semi-automatic shotgun Benelli M2


Master Mechanic Engineer Dejan Vukojević, born  21.Nov.1981.
Instruction in the field of firearms deals for many years, its characteristics and references are as follows:
-President and founder of “Shooting Academy Dejan Vukojević”
– Licensed operational shooter of practical shooting
– Master (MASTER) trainer in front of I.P.S.C. Association of Serbia
– Since 2000. he is a professional member of the Serbian Army
– Member of the Training Center of the Land Army in Pozarevac
– Professional I.P.S.C. his career begins in 2006.

Competition career is marked by the biggest world and European competitions:
– Appearance for representation at the European championship in 2009. SAJ
– National team event 2010.
– The 2011. world championship is on Rhodes Island.
– European Championship in Portugal 2013.
– European Championship in Hungary 2017.

Other European competitions:
– GECO Open (Hungary), Extream Open (Czech Republic), Duklej (Montenegro), Delta Open (Serbia) …

Awards and Achievements:
– Champion of the Serbian Army in the discipline of the gun
– Multiple country champion in practical shooting (individual results, I.P.S.C. Production)
– National Champion (Team Competition)
– Proclaimed as a sportsman of the Army of Serbia and the city of Požarevac 2011.


Law graduate lawyer Predrag Vasić born 18.Mar.1988.

In martial arts and physical preparation of athletes and recreational players, he has 15 years of experience.

– Martial Arts and Practical Shooting Instructor at “Shooting Academy Dejan Vukojević”

– Professional trainer of Functional Training.


– Hand to hand fight, the fight with cold weapons and the use of handy scores.

– Participant of numerous seminars, sports and humanitarian characters in the country and abroad.

– Instructor titles from martial arts:

  1. Master of Real Aikido 2nd Dan;

  2. Instructor Soko Combat System.

– Licensed Practitioner for Practical Shooting at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education (DIF Niš).

– Active competitor of I. P. S. C. League of Serbia.

– Practical shooting certificates: