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About us

SPECIAL FORCES TRAINING & CONSULTING GROUP is a private Military / Law Enforcement / Training and consulting company

Our company is registered according to the laws of Republic of Serbia since 2016. We organize and conduct tactical, combat and sport trainings in our specially tailored courses, on all levels.

Our most popular courses

At this moment we offer 20+ courses, ranging from basic to advanced and master specialist trainings. You will be prepared for wide range of missions, terrains and tactical situations. We can work with individuals or groups / units, at our training centre or your location, with our training programs, or we can create a program tailored to your needs.


Locations, weapons, ammunition, vehicles, equipment.

Our home and base camp is in Serbia, Novi Sad. We use different locations depending on the type of training. All our courses are licensed and 100% legal.


We use MIL-grade, new generation weapons, on M4/AR and AK platforms, Glock, Sig Sauer, Scorpion etc. with new factory MIL-grade ammunition.


We use modern, MIL-grade tactical equipment, rigs, carriers, plates, holsters and belts. We can also provide uniforms and clothing by request.


We use full size 4×4 SUVs, including models such as the Q7, Range Rover, and SantaFe, for transportation and training. We can also provide armored vehicles and convoys upon request.


Open door days

We also offer recreational shooting, team-building and shooting events for civilians

Experience the thrill of firepower without the need for a structured course! Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline-packed day or planning a unique outing with friends, our Company offers an opportunity for pure enjoyment. Imagine a day where you and your friends can immerse yourselves in the excitement of shooting an array of diverse weapons, all without the formalities of a specific training course. Our team of SFTG Instructors and logistics experts are ready to facilitate a day filled with fun and unforgettable memories. Your adventure begins here!