Ammunition types and prices

Welcome to our small guide on ammunition, where we will explain different ammunition, their types, quantities, and the associated costs. At SFTG, we understand that various courses demand different ammunition to optimize training outcomes.

Ammunition Types: In our courses, we employ a range of ammunition types to cater to specific training scenarios. From common full metal jacket rounds suitable for certain exercises to semi-jacketed and hollow-point rounds, our arsenal is diverse. The bullet weight is carefully selected based on the type and level of training, ensuring a tailored approach to each session.

Manufacturers and Varieties: Our commitment to excellence extends to the ammunition we use. We source bullets from both domestic factories and reputable international manufacturers, offering a wide variety of choices. This diversity, while beneficial for training, makes it challenging to provide fixed prices for ammunition, as costs may vary based on the specific type and origin, and many other factors which are not under our control.

Individualized Training Approach: Recognizing that every student progresses at their own pace, we customize each course to the individual. Adjustments are made on the fly during the training sessions. For instance, if a student faces challenges hitting the target, we intervene to provide corrective guidance, albeit at the expense of a slightly higher ammunition consumption than initially planned.

Bigger caliber bullets: In our long-range sniper courses, we incorporate military-grade ammunition in two distinct calibers, coupled with match-grade ammunition, depending on the course level and target distances. This meticulous approach ensures that our students receive the most effective and practical training for their specific needs.

IPSC Handgun Courses: For IPSC Handgun courses, we cater to the varied preferences of our students. Bullet weights ranging from 115-124 to 147 grains are available, different manufacturers with different power-factors and velocities, allowing us to tailor the training experience based on the weapon used and individual preferences.

Pricing and Inquiries: Due to the dynamic nature of our courses and the variety of ammunition options, providing a specific price upfront can be challenging. However, upon inquiry for a particular course, we are more than happy to furnish you with detailed information on ammunition types and associated costs.

At SFTG, our commitment is not just to teach, but to mold and refine skills. We recognize the uniqueness of each student, and our flexible approach to ammunition selection is a testament to our dedication to providing the best possible training experience.
For a personalized breakdown of ammunition types and prices tailored to your chosen course, feel free to reach out with your inquiry.