Tactical Rifle



Who is the course for: The course is tailored for the active and former members of the police, army, security services, private security services, civilians. It is one of the basic courses for further advance and mastering weapon handling.

Topics covered:

  • The necessary equipment
  • Safety rules and procedures
  • Technical characteristics
  • Basics of shooting
  • Shooting posture
  • Fast magazine change
  • Tactical magazine change
  • Weapon jams, detecting and fixing them
  • Accurate shooting
  • Double tap
  • Alternative shooting positions
  • Shooting using covers and barricades
  • Shooting the moving targets
  • Shooting from the left and right shoulder (stronger and weaker)
  • Disassembly, assembly, cleaning and maintaining the weapon

Necessary knowledge: No prior courses or knowledge is necessary.
Method of training: SFTG
Necessary equipment: All the equipment is provided by the SFTG (weapon, ammunition, belt, holster, eyes and ears protection, and knee and elbow pads)
Weapon: AK 47, M4/AR 15
Ammunition: 400 7,62×39 or 5,56×45 bullets
Course duration: 3 days
Maximum number of trainees: 8
The price includes: Weapon, ammunition, all gear (holster, belt, ears and eyes protection and knee and elbow pads), certificate for trainees. We can provide transportation from airport and back, and help with booking accomodation on request.
Payment method: 100% in advance, right when applying for the course and minimum 30 days before the beginning of the training.
Annotation: Trainees provide their own shoes.
The price is structured for individual student seeking private individual training, with a team of instructors dedicated exclusively to your individual progress. Additional discounts are available for group training sessions.
Price: 790 € + ammunition (view link)